Callidus Executive Search

At Callidus we have spent many years creating and maintaining relationships with high-performing executives, seeing their careers grow over time on the back of consistent, above plan delivery.

Many are not generally on the job market and have come to us to have confidential dialogue about their career development and gain access to the ‘right move’ for them. As so much of a successful assignment in the leadership levels is about cultural fit, we get to understand – when we meet our clients for search briefings, what will feel like the right fit for them.

Add to this our global research capability and you will have access to high-functioning, automotive executive search consultants able to reliably deliver on confidential search assignments with great efficiency, giving all parties full support and feedback throughout each stage of process.

Step 1

Even when we know someone well, we will still carry out a structured interview specific to the scope and level of the role, providing full reporting – supported by alphanumeric testing, to our client.

Step 2

Progress on each assignment is reported weekly, whilst short-list reviews and recommendations are carried out in person with recruiting management to bring each CV and report to life. This ensures a 360° perspective which can help steer client decision making about their interview stages.

Step 3

We work globally conducting face-to-face interviews in the country of need and the preliminary screening stages by video-conference from the UK.

Both methods of screening allow us to gain further information about each candidate. This include their individual strengths, weaknesses and relevant experiences.

Step 4

Each UK or international executive search is managed directly by our founder and lead consultant Iain Cooper under NDA as a retained assignment. This executive placement service is available for all business areas at salaries of £90k/£100k and above and fees are both longevity-related and linked to fixed/base remuneration only.

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If you would like to explore how Callidus Search can identify and secure top talent for your leadership team, keeping your short-lists short with well-briefed, well-screened candidates then feel free to call us on +44 (0) 1420 87300 at any time.