Our fleet management consultancy services

One of the benefits of creating long-term relationships with the people we’ve placed over the years is observing how well they go on to perform in their different roles and learning what they have gone on to achieve.

This also provides us with a rare insight into, and understanding of, how this flows through to our client’s broader capabilities. This enables us to see why client ‘A’ often has an ‘OK’ performance, and client ‘B’, an equivalent business, enjoys ‘great’ performance.

To convert this from an interesting, but academic viewpoint, over time we have built a register of automotive and fleet consultants, who we engage on projects to review, assess and report on how well the client is configured for ‘great’ performance, or to discover why there is under-performance

This can be across the business or for specific functions such as B2B sales effectiveness. Additionally, we have a track record of creating and implementing recommendations and directly managing the transformation through to handover at a pre-agreed BaU position.

Meet our team of consultants

All Callidus fleet consultants have had great careers – the majority of them at board level, in mainstream automotive businesses or leading the fleet functions (2000 units and more) within end-user operators. Within the team we have; CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, MDs, HRDs, sales directors, marketing directors, fleet directors and many more.

Our Expertise

Our delivered projects and consultant experience includes;

Organisational design

Wholesale review of how your current structure delivers value, either departmentally or across the business, identifying gaps and disconnects, identifying and presenting the benefits of change then leading the way through to a more effective organisation through hands on project management and the coaching of your management team.

M&A and integration

Full support and advice on both sale and acquisition, coaching and facilitating board members in creating and converting best value from the transaction. Additionally, enabling and supporting both cultural and operational integration across the businesses through hands-on, engagement based project management.

Cultural change

Highly supportive, empathetic yet clear and determined approach to change leadership and corporate alignment, creating and embedding cohesive working environments that deliver the required returns. Never losing sight of the fact that all businesses are run by people – and are by definition – people businesses.

Corporate and fleet strategy

Facilitating and supporting board members in defining, communicating and implementing what goes to market and how, bringing clarity to management teams. Additionally, ensuring fleet user businesses can keep their people mobile and their products delivered at optimum efficiency while applying robust controls for cost and compliance.

Operational effectiveness

In depth review and analysis of how the fleet ‘back office’ currently functions and delivers best service and most value to internal and external customers. Followed up by a range of recommendations presented to your board that can be implemented by your management team with either direct or remote support.

Risk and remarketing

Enabling your fleet function to maximise the value from your assets, providing significant experience and expertise in creating risk management and pricing strategies that create value and limit exposure. This includes accessing deep knowledge and understanding of how to gain maximum disposal proceeds from your fleet portfolio.

B2B sales effectiveness

In depth, in field review of how your sales people engage with – or otherwise, your prospects and customers, capturing their ‘real time’ abilities to listen, then align and articulate your proposition with actual needs. All individual sales behaviours are then captured and fed into a skills development programme based on the field observations. The improvements commence with highly interactive, classroom based training, followed by engaging the sales managers in a coaching programme to convert the new approach into field based habits.

Management coaching and mentoring

Whether you feel some external, objective input will help you define and pursue your own career path more effectively, or you think some support will be useful for someone in your leadership team engaging a highly experienced and empathetic mentor can be immensely beneficial. They can bring clarity and direction from perspectives not encumbered by the day-job detail.

IT change programmes and IT strategy

Many organisations ‘get by’ with legacy systems and do an admirable job in keeping them pieced together so that BaU is just about good enough. Often external review and input can be highly valuable in understanding where efficiencies can be brought, which investments in resources and cash will deliver a return most quickly. Equally, a new IT strategy may need formulating and delivering and your business may not always have the skills and experience to undertake that journey unsupported. This is where engaging and external subject matter expert and IT programmes leader could create and deliver the changes required to get your business technology back serving, not draining, the business.

Additionally, we always work under an NDA and are accustomed to working alongside or within our clients own PMO requirements and governance protocols.

The great companies we are proud to work with include the following:

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