Gaining a Black Belt in Internet recruitment

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Ellie becomes a sourcing Ninja…

ninjaCaroline & I are regulars to the recruiter conferences held at Olympia every year. We are always on the lookout for fresh ideas & technologies in the recruitment world, and back in 2015 we came across Social Talent, who promised to make us “Recruiting Ninjas”. Aside from the catchy title, and visions of Ninja stardom, it sounded like a good package.

The content of the course ranged from mastering Boolean searching to the importance of social media and its increasing importance in the sector. This was all delivered in bite size videos that could be accessed any time, and played as many times as was necessary. Working in a busy recruitment company, time is of the essence, so the video format worked well, offering me a chance to fit 5 minute lessons in when I had a spare moment!

Each module also had an abundance of statistics and research, which were also very interesting. This included research on what candidates are looking for when they look at advertisements and tools available to deliver more effective communication which we have been able to incorporate into our approach here at Callidus.

I don’t think my old kickboxing instructor would believe me if I said I had a Black Belt, but you can be confident to say that I do in Internet Recruitment! I would thoroughly recommend anyone to take this course if they want to explore the ever evolving world of recruitment.