How we support your job search

Here at Callidus Consulting we pride ourselves on the service we provide to our candidates.

We believe that good communication is at the heart of providing an effective service. We have all been applicants at some point and a number of us have experienced redundancy and the shock of being unemployed. Underlining our business is the desire to treat people decently.

Take a look at our latest vacancies

The right job for you may well be here, however not all of the roles we work on are – or can be, advertised. So if you don’t see what you’re looking for please feel free to call, or upload your CV.

How it all works

Your application

We respond to every application. If a role is not right for you or we are not the right recruiter then we will be honest.

We welcome general applications from automotive professionals as many of our roles are not advertised and our first source of applicants for new positions is always our own database. Just because we don’t have an immediately obvious role doesn’t mean we can’t help you.

Initial screening

We meet directly with many of our candidates whether you have applied for a specific role or not. Where this is not possible, and we feel a role is a worthwhile investment of your time, we will have detailed phone conversations with you to ensure you understand the role (warts and all) and we understand you. If we don’t feel a role is a good fit, we will be honest and expect our candidates to be the same. We will never try to talk you into a role that doesn’t feel right for you.

Interview support

As your application progresses we will work closely with you to make sure you have the information you need at each stage including preparing for interviews. We support many people through this process and know the common pitfalls. We are always happy to provide general support and guidance as well as specifics for particular clients and processes – including presentations, testing, assessment centres and telephone interviews. Preparation is the key to success!

The outcome

We will make sure your CV best represents you and will let you know if we need additional information to optimise your chances of success. We work with many of our candidates to re-write their CVs.

CV support

If you are successful we’ll support you to your start date and beyond, including checking on you once you’ve started your new role.

If you are not, we will endeavour to provide you with honest and constructive feedback

Many of our candidates become future clients because of the positive experience they’ve had with the business – whether we have placed them or not.

If you see a role you’re interested in, or if you are exploring your career options more generally, you can either register via the form on the homepage, email us at, or give us a call on +44 (0) 1420 87300.

CV tips

Your CV will need to work for you effectively. You can call us about what works well and we can talk you through, or you can use this template. Alternatively there are many examples available on-line too.

Whichever format you use here are some general pointers;

NB: a TRUE but SCARY NOTE – people who screen CVs for a living spend an average of SIX SECONDS taking in the CV headlines, and if the relevant information isn’t there they are already opening the next one…

Working history

Provide your full working history with the most recent and relevant first

Be succinct

Think about key information that prospective employers want to see


Use bullet points, headings and sub headings to make important information stand out

Perfect length

Two pages is good, three is acceptable – but only just – and more than three is too much

What our candidates say

  • “Thanks for all your help so far you've been great and incredibly professional”

    Automotive Sales Candidate
    Automotive Sales Candidate
  • “I would have no hesitation to recommend Iain & his team. They put most other companies to shame in terms of how they handle candidates”

    Senior Candidate
    Senior Candidate
  • “With the support and guidance of Callidus, I was successful in securing the role. I would highly recommend Callidus who offered a first class service to me”

    Automotive Finance Professional
    Automotive Finance Professional

If the role you are interested in looks like a fit for you and the employer, you will receive a call, email or text saying we’d like to know more about you. However, we actively welcome proactivity so if you want to follow up, please just call.

All the information we have about the role and the employer will be given to you and we can answer whatever questions you have to help you decide if you want to continue through to the next stages of the selection process.

Depending on the nature of the role, sometimes this next stage happens face to face in the field, sometimes over the telephone or video call.

We support every candidate going through a client process with conversations before and after any interview, helping you to prepare as well as to de-brief and share feedback. Whatever the outcome, all meaningful feedback is shared, helping every candidate learn something about themselves along the way.

The great companies we are proud to work with include the following: