Non Automotive

We are contacted frequently by clients from outside the automotive sector and sometimes the link is obvious.

For example, with automotive manufacturing being world-renowned for its efficiency and its ability to respond to rapidly changing circumstances, other manufacturing organisations actively seek automotive experience to enhance their own capabilities.

Often, however, it’s because we’ve had a long-standing relationship with someone who has decided upon a career change themselves and is now using their transferable skills to succeed in a new industry.

They have remembered that we worked hard to support them and provide honest feedback if something wasn’t right for them at the time. So, when they now need to recruit for themselves, we are an obvious choice.

We are able to adapt quickly to learn about their new working world so we can maintain our reputation as an effective recruiter.

Consequently we now have a success record placing people in:

  • Polymers Manufacturing – Operations Director and Operations Management
  • Packaging and Logistics – Country Management, VP Sales, Operations Management
  • Insurance – Operations Leadership, Quality Management, Category Management, Project Management
  • Construction Supplies – Sales Director, Supply Chain and Customer Service Management
  • Horticultural Production – Operations Director and Operations Management
  • Waste Management – Sales and Operations Leadership, B2B Sales and Customer Service Management
  • Plant and Temporary Buildings Hire – B2B Sales
  • Leisure Sector – Operations and Supply Chain Management
  • Business Travel Risk Management – B2B Sales
  • Environmental Equipment – B2B Sales
  • Print Management Services – Customer Experience Management and B2B Sales
  • Print and Publishing Distribution – Warehouse and Supply Chain Management, B2B Sales

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