Preparing for GDPR

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Well we are nearly there. The General Data Protection Regulation (or GDPR for short), is a regulation created by the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union and will finally come in to force on 25th May 2018.

The purpose of the regulation is to protect all EU citizens by allowing each citizen to have more control over their own personal data. Don’t think the fact that we are leaving the EU gives you an opt out as the UK government has already said that this will become part of UK law.

Here at Callidus we are taking our responsibilities under GDPR very seriously and are also using it as an opportunity to cleanse our database and improve our processes – and by doing so aim to improve the service we provide to our clients and candidates.

If you are a candidate – expect to hear from us soon. We will be asking all registered candidates to complete a form via DocuSign giving us permission to keep your details on our database. This is a secure database held locally on our server.

As part of our GDPR preparation we have reviewed and tightened our cyber security and are shortly to go through Cyber Essentials Certification – with the help of our IT support company – Red Rabbit.

Red also provide and support our RED database which has been upgraded for GDPR compliance purposes. As a company we cannot recommend them highly enough so if you want a new CRM system or just some fantastic IT support – really worth contacting. They also provide Payroll back office services – REDPay. 


We also have a duty to ensure the data we hold is correct and up to date so if we haven’t heard from you for more than 3 years we will be deleting your record. However that doesn’t mean we don’t welcome a re-application but it does mean that if you want to stay registered you will need to contact us with your updated details.

If as a registered candidate or a new candidate, you don’t complete the permission form within a 1 month period – we will have no choice but to delete your record. So please if you want us to stay in touch do complete the form. DocuSign makes the process very easy and it should take no more than a minute or two at the most. You can withdraw your permission at any time and we provide a link on the DocuSign form to make it very easy for you.

Staff training is key to this. We are a small team and are working hard to make sure we all understand our responsibilities in keeping your data secure – both on and off line. We’ve bought new more secure filing cabinets for example and a pin coded key safe.

We are working on new privacy statement which will be available on our website shortly but in the meantime do view our terms and conditions.

This also gives you a link to our opt out form.

We are not perfect yet but we are getting there. By May we hope to have all our policies in place and have contacted the vast majority of our candidates. There will always be room for improvement and this is an area we will continue to work on beyond the May deadline.

If you have any questions do call us. Our dedicated Data Protection Officer is Amanda Cradock ( Please feel free to contact her if you have any questions.

I am sure many of you are going through this too with your businesses so good luck and keep smiling!