Talking roads? Discover the new technology being tested in Kent.

Talking roads? Discover the new technology being tested in Kent.

The connected corridor rhetoric conjures up images of silvery looking vehicles with touch screen windscreens, or cars and roads actually having a conversation… (that would be weird, but maybe someday…!) Whilst the technology being piloted on the A2 / M2 is not quite this level of futurism, it is still pretty cool, and a positive step for new technology designed to help us humans (vs. robots, obviously) drive more safely and efficiently on our journeys.


Highways England, the department for Transport, Kent County Council and TFL are working together to create a high-tech corridor whereby cars are fed information picked up by wireless communication from the roadside, as well as car to car connection. The information gathered will include alerts on; congestion, weather conditions, temporary speed limits and traffic light information.

‘Testfest’ was held this week to showcase the new technology to interested parties from around the globe. With more comprehensive & earlier warnings the idea is that our cars (and us!) will be able to interpret the information in better time, and be able to alter our journeys, speed or react with more time to increase safety on the roads and reduce delays.



I like the idea, and with connected / autonomous technology it could be a powerful combination, but if us humans are still making the judgements I would be interested to see the level of difference it makes – sometimes I find it hard enough getting directions from the satnav! That being said, it’s exciting stuff and I am looking forward to seeing where this goes.

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